Flights4Kids & Sustainability

Who is Flights4Kids?

Flights4Kids is a not-for-profit organization that provides a free, professional, and responsive regional/rural flight service for children with serious illness and their families.


We are hoping with your help, we will re-launch this much needed charitable service in 2025.

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How Flights4Kids helps

Our non-emergency flight for kids service is available to transport children under 18 and their families living in regional/rural Victoria and Tasmania to Melbourne so the children can receive the care and treatment they require at the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne.

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A Sustainable Future

FLYM Group is Australia’s first & only non-airline aviation company to have completed a Sustainability report.

A step-by-step process, with significant investments to going carbon neutral approx. mid this decade.

At the FLYM Group of Companies, we believe in the future of the planet and developing new sustainable environmental initiatives. We are championing a greener aviation industry.

So, that’s why we have invested & backed by into a Biofuel, Waste2Energy & Green Mining company to develop and be the leaders in ‘Sustainable Aviation Fuels’ (SAF).

We will be the trailblazers of such initiatives – particularly in Australia. Once SAF is mass produced, our entire fleet will be run on this green fuel.

But that’s not all! With our investment in Waste2Energy, we’re making the entire world greener and environmentally friendly. Creating energy, the most responsible way. Our focus is not just in aviation, but for every single human on the planet – whether you fly or not. Such as flights for kids organization.

(Civil aviation contributes 2% of global CO2 emissions, and of that, business aviation contributes 2%). Even though the industry’s contribution to CO2 emissions is relatively tiny, we know we can still play our part for the future of our planet.

You can soon fly green via our 300% Carbon Offset Program.