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The FLYM Jet Card – The ultimate way to fly.

Red & Black Label programs for your best service, pricing & increased level of benefits.

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For those that want to still fly private, but don’t require a Membership.

Best suited to one-off flights, first time private flyers & leisure flights.

Or, even just to spoil that special someone for an occasion.

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We built a company for you. We are going above and beyond to deliver you the best possible service. Premium flight service solutions of private jets for hire only available at MJET.

Because we know, that charter is the only way to fly.

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Etiquette trained Flight Attendant on all large jets, providing a leading on-board service.

We endeavor to make every flight with us, the best yet. Experience the MJET service today.

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Get our very own dedicated FLYM booking app. It’s free to use too. Instantly search and book planes from the FLYM Group Fleet in under a minute. Keep updated on Empty Legs and other flight specials. Choose your itinerary – search for a plane that suits you best and receive the most accurate pricing software in the industry.

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We believe you should always arrive first. Experience the best in class. Private jets really are the most efficient & effective mode of transport and it’s as simple as that.

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Our Journey Together

Receive the glamour and benefits of flying private. Whether it’s for business or leisure. You’re not a ticketed seat when it comes to flying with us. We go above and beyond for you. Smart, efficient & effective when and where you need. Premium aircraft charter with MJET.

Anywhere. Anytime.

Always closer to your home or office

At MJET we know aircraft charter exists to save time, visit more sites in a day. complete more work and be home sooner! The most important factor of charter is it’s the safest, securest and most hygienic way to travel. It’s also a way to avoid the lines and delays of airline travel and arterial roads transiting in-between (something arriving in the future). That’s why we endeavor to be located at more main & secondary airports across Australia than anyone else. We’re always striving to save you time and money.

A Sustainable Future

FLYM Group is Australia’s first & only non-airline aviation business to have completed a Sustainability report.

A step-by-step process, with significant investments to going carbon neutral this decade.

At the FLYM Group of Companies, we believe in the future of the planet and developing new sustainable environmental initiatives. We are championing a greener aviation industry.

So, that’s why we have invested into a Biofuel and Waste2Energy company to develop and be the leaders in ‘Sustainable Aviation Fuels’ (SAF).

We will be the trailblazers of such initiatives – particularly in Australia. Once SAF is mass produced, our entire fleet will be run on this green fuel.

But that’s not all! With our investment in Waste2Energy, we’re making the entire world greener and environmentally friendly. Creating energy, the most responsible way. Our focus is not just on private jets for hire service, but for every single human on the planet – whether you fly or not.

(Civil aviation contributes 2% of global CO2 emissions, and of that, business aviation contributes 2%). Even though the industry’s contribution to CO2 emissions is relatively tiny, we know we can still play our part for the future of Earth.

In the meantime, you can fly green via our Carbon Offset Program.