Mjet is the newest and most modern private jet hire company based in Australia. We are a brokerage firm and are presently transitioning to a full-fledged charter business, both nationally and internationally.

Mjet is a brand worthy of mention. We are on track to acquire state-of-the-art, brand new aircraft in the same colour scheme and interior design, making us the first and only non-airline brand in Australia and Southeast Asia. What truly separates our business model from others is being known by what a true business aviation charter company would have to offer – extreme dedication to providing the highest service levels. What do we mean by that? Mjet is unique. Mjet is exceptional because we are able to provide our clientele the right level of service with high efficiency and are very flexible to their needs.

Mjet is bringing a new and revolutionary product to the private jet industry in providing a far more superior service than ever before. You can look forward to enhanced services in the air, as well as VIP programs on the ground.

Flying in a private jet is life’s most elite status symbol. Successful individuals like you have worked hard to be here right at this moment in life. You deserve the finer things life has to offer, and that is why Mjet is giving you the choice to fly with the best private charter company. We add value to your business and we are humbled to be a part of your success.

When you join Mjet, you are a part of an ultra-exclusive group. You have your private car, yacht or golf clubs. How about a jet club? Your exclusive position with the Mjet club, will entitle you to benefits on the ground as well as in the air. As Mjet grows, we will offer further benefits such as VIP tickets and entry into the most exclusive events, grand unveiling’s, private clubs and more.

We cannot wait to welcome you on board your next Mjet flight. Ask us to learn more about the exciting plans we have for the future.