Shared Charter Flights

Please Note: A Shared Flight Program is not our particular focus. We prefer to stick to our dedicated and branded charter service. And, be the leader as, Australia’s best Private Jet Charter service.

Why is it not our focus? In Australia, the service isn’t a popular one, nor do we feel our clients appreciate it. The service we offer is a dedicated one – that help’s boost your efficiency, growth and privacy goals. (It suits the massive market of the US). Offering an airline style service, which basically what Shared Flight’s really are, dilutes what Private Jet’s are really about. It’s the ‘LOW COST AIRLINE’ of Private Jets. It also breaks promises and causes many problems, that can ruin YOUR travel plans.

Shared Flights CANNOT adhere to the same SAFETY and HYGIENIC practices as Private Jets normally do on standard charter flights. Not even as well as airlines! Why? Because you’re sharing a small jet tightly with random individuals you don’t know. So, just like an airline – only in a tiny cabin.

But if we receive a large number of clients and general people that show a strong interest, we may make the service available.

Shared Flight planning process for new flights

How a Shared Flight Program would work, via our On-Demand services. An individual can book one of the very few approved jets for Shared Flights for their own itinerary. Then offer any empty seats available for others to join in. By doing so, you will then share the cost of the flight. Making flying on a private jet potentially cheaper but not quite in their own budget to book the entire jet themselves.

Example scenario: Person A books a day return Melb-Syd on an 8-seater and opens it up on the Shared Flight Program. Person B comes along and joins that trip with their business partner – Person C. Therefor the flight is now costing a third each.

If we were to do Shared Flights, we’d Exclusively limit to 4 people per flight. Why? Anything more creates hassles, delays and a poor inconsistent service. We don’t do semi-private flights. As mentioned at the top why. It’s a Private Jet after all!

Please note: Cancellation fees may be incurred if booking is cancelled by Person A greater than 7 days before flight. Less than 7 days – cancellation fees will be incurred by the person that cancels. All monies will be refunded if a paid booking is cancelled more than 7 days before your flight.

As you can see, many potential problems, dramas and inconveniences can and will occur. Not really indifferent to airlines. You might as well stick with airlines, as at least you’re served by flight attendants. As again, isn’t this meant to be Private Jets? No Social Distance Hygiene practice can be conducted on-board either with Shared Flights on a small jet with random individuals together.

This would work well in the large market of the US, but not in Australia. We know there’s a company that focuses on this, and we say good on them and good luck. We appreciate their efforts. But we like to stick to our premium branded charter service. What the clientele really prefers. Time saving benefits on their own schedule, always. Safe, Fast, Hygienic. One of the best business tools and efficiency drivers for anyone/company that charters a Private Jet as normal.

Still not sure what's what? Contact us at any time and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to help.