Mjet On-Demand Private Jet Charter Services

How to Fly

Organise your itinerary with us

Create your own schedule – domestic or international 24/7.

Simply tell us when, where and how long your trip is planned for.

Select the aircraft you prefer to fly on, or if you don’t know – we will find your best solution.

Book & confirmed up to the day before of departure & some cases, same day. It’s as simple as that.

Business or leisure. Your plan, the way it should be. Or, select one of our specialty tours.

Create your flight/s and book via our Contact Page. Also, via our booking app – coming soon. Simple and easy ways to fly with Mjet.

On the day

Arrive to the selected VIP lounge, that’s just meters away from the arrival point.

Park you car close to the door, or take a chauffeur transfer. Australia wide – we use leading provider ‘Star Luxury Cars’.

Want to avoid all those arterial roads – Helicopter transfers are available for most cities.

Melbourne heli transfers – we prefer to fly with ‘Microflite Helicopter Services’.

And you can do all this, with only arriving a matter of minutes before your planned departure. The Mjet team will always happily organise everything you require.

Fly Above It All

Travel the efficient and effective way.

Avoid the stress, hassles and delays associated with airline travel.

Greatly cut your travel time. Spend more time at your destination. Make multiple stops in a day and still be home in time for dinner.

Allow Mjet to be one of your best business tools, or making the flight as good as your holiday.

Private Jet convenience, privacy, luxury, time saving flights with Mjet.

Mjet’s On-demand Charter Service is for the discerning traveler whom occasionally flies. Your flying habits aren’t as regular as an individual or company that require our personalized Mjet Program Flight Solutions.

Yet, you still want all the benefits of flying private and you want all the benefits that come with Mjet. Our staff will always attend to your flight requirements whether its once a year or a handful of times. Better yet, we will always aim that you fly in one of our branded fleet of aircraft, so you can still experience our leading and superior service. If we can’t due to the aircraft already being booked by our program members, we’ll endeavor to find you the next best thing, of a suitable aircraft that meets our high standards of service and safety via our fantastic operating partners.

Just because you don’t fly as often as our members, doesn’t mean we don’t care about you. We appreciate anyone that fly’s private and chooses Mjet as their preferred flight provider. We’ve worked hard to build that reputation and you know why that is every time you come on-board and fly with us.

We have access to a variety of aircraft to choose from to best suit your requirements. Which, we will help you decide if you don’t already know.

Mjet On-Demand flights to suit your business and/or leisure requirements – wherever and whenever you need to fly.