Mjet Program Private Jet Service - Australia's Premium & Most Exclusive Flight Membership

The Mjet Program is designed to be Australia’s first and only full-fledged premium private jet service. What do we mean by that? We purchase our very own fleet new for our Program flight solution option, so we can have a dedicated aircraft to service the industry the only way it should be. Guaranteed branded aircraft for whenever you require it. Never rely on multiple people to get back to you in the hope they’ll find a plane. Instead, step on-board new state of the art aircraft, with a flight attendant on board every flight and enjoy our unique custom catering service and menu options in our complete amenity filled aircraft.

The Mjet Program Flight Solutions, is designed to offer the most superior service in the private jet industry. For regular High Net Worth Individuals, or a Corporation that doesn’t want to deal with the same hassles finding an operator, a suitable aircraft and a guarantee that your flight will go ahead every time. Mjet offers flight solutions where you select the number of hours you want to fly in a 12-month period, or more in our branded aircraft, with the same consistent service every time you fly. Guaranteed aircraft, guaranteed quality, our aircraft are always ready for you to go from A to B and any letter after that. Simple solutions, tailored for your needs. The way it should be.

The Mjet Program is available overseas with a branded fleet coming soon. Australian program is available now on selected partner aircraft.

The branded fleet for Australia is planned for the near future.

  • Fly with Mjet’s brand new fleet, in the same colour scheme and interior, so you’re always comfortable knowing what you’re going to get when you step on-board.
  • The fleet is purchased new and replaced every few years and always kept under warranty to offer unmatched safety and assurances and always updated to have the latest in technology and interior amenities.
  • All the benefits of owning your own aircraft without the high costs and nuisance of ongoing high maintenance and staff fees. Never have a large depreciating asset ever again!
  • Guaranteed access to Mjet’s fleet with as little as 24 hours’ notice (unless an overseas country destination has longer pre-arrival VISA requirements etc).
  • If you have a Flight Program with our larger jet, but need to change for a smaller aircraft or vice versa – no problem. Our programs are designed with flexibility in mind, so you can always have the right aircraft, or multiple aircraft for your next trip.
  • We have highly valued staff with experienced pilots and etiquette trained flight attendants to make sure you’re always safe and comfortable, so you can enjoy our impeccable service.
  • Set pricing with no hidden costs. The Mjet program is fully managed by us and comes with simple contract solutions, where you only pay for what you use. No tricks, no gimmicks. Flights between key destinations have empty-leg fees waived, if we need to send the jet to pick you up in an alternative location from your usual base (Ask us how). Saving you money with transparent pricing, so you always know what the cost will be from the beginning.


Other Programs Compared



Whole Ownership

The idea of owning your own jet, the most elite status symbol is a fantastic one. But, have you ever considered what’s actually involved? Are you aware of the costs to purchase and maintain that aircraft?

There’s a general consensus that if you fly more than 300 hours a year, it may then be financially worth owning your own jet. But, thats for overseas markets. In Australia, when you consider the dollar and the costs differences, that figure drives up to approx. 500 hours of flying a year before it even begins to look acceptable on the books. Regardless though, you know the accountant will never be happy with that purchase. Most owners will have their aircraft managed by a third-party and have it put onto charter category when not in personal use to help offset their costs. It does has its tax advantages. But more hours gained via charter depreciates your aircraft value even further. You end up losing way too much on your machine. Owning an aircraft becomes a financial burden, a highly depreciating asset no matter how you look into it. So the cost offset is never realised. You only get the standard on-board service, as it’s up to you to spend and manage your own crew and their training, yearly and consistently. Even if your aircraft is under a management company as most will commonly do so, as even we agree it’s a better option than trying to do it on your own, there’s still the challengers of committing to a company you can like and trust. Supplying the right crew and keeping it clean the way you want it after every flight, especially if it just returned from a charter. You really start losing interest very quickly. The costs always are always coming in. That’s just a good scenario if your aircraft is purchased new. If we start talking about second-hand aircraft as most are in Australia, aircraft will be out of warranty and when engine overhauls and other mandatory updates are due – then you really start seeing the costs ballooning! So be aware of the hype. If it’s not right for you, we have your perfect alternative with Mjet’s Flight Program Solutions.

There is a benefit of owning your own aircraft that we agree with though. You know what you’re always going to receive when stepping on-board. You always know your crew and they always know what to have on-board to service your needs. It’s a familiarity and consistency that makes it worthwhile. Not because it’s cheaper way to go about your business, as unfortunately it’s not. It’s the convenience factor that’s so important. So at Mjet, we created our program to enjoy the best of all worlds. The feeling of comfort and consistency of owning your own plane, yet without all the major costs and hassles of owning one. Familiar crews with a service that’s superior in every way and a safety standard that’s never negotiable.

Fractional/Shared Ownership

Shared/Fractional ownership is a very complex concept of providing avenues of people to become an aircraft owner without the full burden of whole ownership. It’s a concept that has never worked in Australia.

Why? Well first, the business concept has worked in large markets like the US. As to make fractional work, an operator must have a large fleet of aircraft, which is plausible in the US due to it being the largest market. That’s because what happens when more than one of the owners of the same aircraft want to book for the same dates? The operator will then have to have to find another aircraft for whomever came after and that’s if an aircraft is available and near suitable. You end up not actually flying in your exact aircraft that you spent your hard earned money on.

But, as a fractional owner, you only pay for when you fly right? Unfortunately not. You will still incur hourly operating costs that are similar to charter rates, as the operator has to cover expenses of course. Then there’s management and fixed costs such as maintenance fees for each of the owners every month or a year during a contract and other miscellaneous fees charged.

To combat the expectation of multiple owners wanting to fly on the same period, the operator will charge higher hourly fees when it’s a peak day. To try and prevent over bookings. Have to understand that, just because you’re an owner, doesn’t mean you can fly when you want. Fractional shares are limited to certain quantity of flight hours per year, per contract. Then at the end of the contract you can either renew or sell your share to another new owner or back to the operator if you desire. Private owner will generally want to purchase new, so you will have to sell back to the operator at a reduced loss making rate, as fractional aircraft depreciate more than any other forms of private jet services. Unfortunately for you, the capital costs and residual value declines.

It’s a financial burden to fly ‘PART’ of the time with no flexibility. So it’s not like owning your own aircraft at all. In fact, you’re better off owning a new or second-hand aircraft entirely yourself than fractional. Fractional is therefore a considerably more expensive option for what is meant to be an avenue of new aircraft ownership and a flexible service.

Now at Mjet, we could try and do this, as for an operator as ourselves, it’s could be very financially rewarding to us. But we don’t see it as a way to offer our impeccable service, as the owner will always come out in a highly incurred loss. We have also noticed the trend overseas of people seeing fractional/shared ownership not being financially reasonable and are going back to simpler charter solutions, where value for money is far greater – such as Mjet’s Program Flight Solutions. As you’re a smart person. You’ve worked hard to be where you are. So we know you will make smart decisions when travelling. We want to make a profit, but we want to do it the right way. We want to build trust, so you will always choose us as your corporate flight department. That’s the only way to fly on private jets and the smart way you will choose.

Comparing a Mjet program to a fractional model is difficult as the costs of fractional are not transparent. But, from obtaining as many details as we can, it has shown with Mjet you can fly the same amount for half the price or two to three times as many hours for the same cost (different companies will vary). Mjet’s aircraft are acquired new – are the Fractional’s? So who would you rather fly with?

Mjet – the only way to fly private.

The Mjet Solution

Mjet gives you the feeling of owning your own jet, flying when and where with guaranteed access. Yet, you can do this without the hassles of always finding a company and an aircraft everytime you want to make a booking. Without the financial burden and high depreciation of the various forms ownership. Yet, with a service we guarantee is far superior than any other aviation company in the country. But, most of all, even if your program is for over 200 hours a year, with Mjet it’s still going to work out less than a quarter of ownership on a new aircraft. With multiple aircraft, we can become more flexible to your needs.

So join the Mjet Program – tailored flight solutions that guarantee there’s no better way to fly.


Mjet, simple, fair and effective travel solutions.