Learjet 31

Maximum Range

3,021 km

Cruise Speed

830 km/h

Maximum Passengers


Flight Attendant


For those unfamiliar with Learjet’s, their name is synonymous with speed. The Learjet 31 can reach a cruise speed of 830km/h after climbing to its cruise level in just 28 minutes — way beyond the capabilities of any competing light private jet. It has great runway performance and a low fuel burn, making it a great candidate for efficient, fast private jet travel.

The Learjet 31 significantly surpassing other light jets’ runway performance and outperforms its competitors in its climb rate. Get yourself above the weather, above busy airliner traffic, so you get to our destination or home, faster and quieter than everyone below.

Excellent in-flight performance. Its rapid acceleration and rapid response capabilities make it a favorite among pilots. Known for its smooth flights – a trademark for Bombardier jets

Seating for up to 7 passengers, its leather appointed club configuration seating, fold out business tables and forward refreshment center and a pressurised air-conditioned.

In short, the Learjet 31 cuts no corners when it comes to speed, economy, and performance – a great combination.