Bombardier Global 7500

Maximum Range

14,260 km

Cruise Speed

1,111 km/h

Maximum Passengers


Flight Attendant


The Global 7500 aircraft stands alone as the world’s largest and longest range business jet.

Within its luxurious interior are four true living spaces, a full size kitchen and a dedicated crew suite. Elevate your flight experience and discover the uninhibited freedom and tailored luxury of the Global 7500 aircraft—a new class of business jet.

The advanced wing design provides you with a restful flight and a smooth ride. Advanced soundproofing materials with proprietary interior and exterior design techniques contribute to lowest-in-class sound levels. The key to possibly the best night’s sleep you will ever have on a business aircraft.

The Global 7500 business jet is designed as an extension of your home and office, giving you the freedom to effortlessly travel wherever life takes you. Engineered for total performance and featuring an industry leading 7,700 nm range, no other business jet offers the Global 7500 aircraft’s ultimate combination of range, speed, field performance and smooth ride.

Able to fly non-stop to all of Asia, Middle-East and up to mid-USA. Or, one-stop to East Coast USA and all of Europe. It can do it with a load of passengers and baggage too!

Unprecedented – It’s the ultimate Private Jet flying & available in Australia for charter only at Mjet.