Our passengers deserve it - Our colleagues expect it - Our profession demands it


And Mjet will get you there.

We pride ourselves in offering our services like no other. The main reason for chartering an aircraft is because you know time is money, and rest assured we get that. It’s the one asset you cannot buy, but we are here to help create more. Our philosophy is simple – to be Australia’s premier and fastest form of private transport – offering you a wonderful sense of luxury that you deserve so much, fully private and fully reserved for you to work on your business needs or simply having a much-deserved rest whilst on your journey with us.

Mjet is designed to suit your needs. So, world is truly your playground.

We understand how busy your schedule may be. Therefore, you deserve to have a service that is designed solely around you and your business requirements. And thanks to our unique and efficient fleet at Mjet, you will arrive at your intended destinations in the quickest and safest way possible. Attend more meetings. See more factories. Enjoy more product unveiling. Shake more hands. Attend more events. Or simply enjoy more time away to relax. With our straightforward round-the-clock service, you could be off the ground and in the skies in no time. The world is truly your oyster.

Soar the skies with Mjet.

Mjet was conceptualised as an idea, a childhood dream. When you’re soaring the skies higher and faster than any other passengers, you will feel as though you are part of that dream. And the reality strikes because you are using one of the best products in the market. We won’t stop until your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. We will take care of you. We will provide the flexibility to customise your personal travel needs. Go where you want. When you want. We want you to have more choices, more options and the freedom to make the most of your life, personally and professionally.

Fastest. Furthest. Highest. Smartest. Mjet.


Imagine flying on a private aircraft, giving you freedom to decide when and where you go. Traveling to your destination faster and safer while avoiding the hassle and frustration associated with airline travel. You decide on your arrival point, not where airlines dictate. Travel alone, with the company, or with the family. You will be provided with the most secure and discreet environment to discuss your private business or quality quiet time with loved ones. It’s knowledge that gives you peace of mind knowing the plane will never take-off until you have arrived and ready to depart. Saving you time to do what’s most important. An asset that you can’t put a price on, in this forever changing world.

Aircraft charter is the quickest means of air travel, reducing journey time as well as delays. Removing the frustration and annoyance of airlines and stress associated with it. At Mjet we have a service standard that is not intrusive, but attentive to every detail. We will tailor our flight solutions to meet your needs. Always keeping in mind your safety and comfort.

Besides being available at multiple capital city locations, Mjet is also the only dedicated Fixed-Wing Private & Business charter service for South East Melbourne. For that part of Melbourne which has the larger footprint of private HNWI’s residents and business centres, it results to massive time saver on the ground and not just in the air.

Charter makes smarter sense for your traveling arrangements, any way you look at it. We provide more opportunities to access smarter and more effective travel solutions.

At Mjet we will strive to meet the requirements that will allow us to fulfill your needs, providing the hospitality and service you require to do the job at hand, whatever that may be. You will benefit from our secure, safe and class leading service. Don’t wait in line ever again. Travel in style, be part of the Mjet group.

An interesting fact to take note of – approximately 75% of aircraft charters are provided for employees to conduct their business far more efficiently and effectively. Employees will spend less time at the terminal waiting and spend more time at the destination, or visiting multiple destinations in a single day. Stop paying for staff to sit around and have them conducting business quicker and smarter. Flying on a private jet is no doubt going to boost morale. A happy staff, is a happy business, that will reflect to your customers and lead to increased producitvity.

Private jets really are the most effective business tool and it’s as simple as that.