Cessna Citation X

Maximum Range

5,686 km

Cruise Speed

972 km/h

Maximum Passengers


Flight Attendant


The Citation X is currently the worlds fastest civil aircraft and that means the fastest way for executive travelers and luxury jet-setters to reach their destinations, traveling at an approximate rate of 1 mile every 6 seconds, and shaving a full 30 minutes, or more off of cross country flights. Speed and reliability don’t usually go together, but no one told the Citation X. The true time machine.

In addition to impressive performance and range, this super midsize business jet offers a luxurious, well-appointed cabin with seating for up to 8. A plush interior and exceptional headroom is provided with room to stand and move about the cabin comfortably during a flight.

Additional amenities include a spacious lavatory, a full galley, and a pressurized & heated 82 cubic foot baggage compartment for your luggage, golf clubs, ski equipment, or whatever else you want to bringing.

Time. Quality. Cost. The three key factors for Executive travelers looking for speed, luxury, and reliability in a choice for aircraft when you want the best of the best of a mid-size and the ultimate ramp presence.