Citation M2/CJ1/CJ2

Maximum Range

2,305-2,987 km

Cruise Speed

720-777 km/h

Maximum Passengers


Flight Attendant


The Cessna Citation M2 and CJ series are light jets that boasts simplicity and efficiency for all your charter needs Able to fly 4 passengers in a club arrangement . Cabin able to accommodate 4 to 8 passengers. Corporate interior cabin, lavatory and fold out tables that allows you to better conduct business or enjoy refreshments.

Sit back and relax, or continue your business on your laptop. Able to easily communicate with your fellow passengers, or just you to stretch out completely. At home in the smallest regional/rural airfields and all the way up to airports at major cities. Small but agile and able to cruise fast and high above the weather and airliner traffic.

It’s the niftiest way to get around for all your business and personal needs.