Maximum Range

5,270 km

Cruise Speed

790 km/h

Maximum Passengers


Flight Attendant


The Cessna Citation Sovereign is designed to provide superior overall performance while surrounding it’s passengers in comfort. The Sovereign’s cabin is over 24 feet long. It can provide up to eight passengers with many of the advantages of a large cabin jet, stand-up cabin, including a full refreshment centre and multiple entertainment offerings. It also has 100 cubic feet of baggage capacity – by far the most spacious in its class. The Sovereign is the largest aircraft that can take-off out of Moorabbin with full passenger, baggage and fuel load.

Whether you want to land at a small regional or large international airport, the Sovereign can get you there with ease. From Melbourne the Sovereign can fly non-stop to the south pacific.

You will be able to go where you want, with everyone on board and their baggage with ease.