Simply search for the flight that’s opened as a ‘Shared Flight’ via our website, app (coming soon), or Booking Agent and click away to join, if you haven’t created that flight.

If you create you own flight, simply tell us it’s an “Open Shared Flight” option and we will market the flight availability.

Shared Flights are available to be created on our entire fleet.

Private Jet convenience, privacy, luxury, time saving flights now affordable by the seat.


Prefer a different day, schedule, time?

Book your own itinerary, and make your empty seats available for others to book and share the cost evenly.

Or, book the entire plane for yourself, staff, or family and fly in complete privacy and comfort traveling on your own time. Your own way with Mjet On-Demand Private Jet Charters.

There’s so many opportunities to fly on a Private Jet with Mjet. Which ever way you choose, safety and service is always paramount and we’ll always be fair to you. No pointless or excess fees. Access our premium flights with a service that’s second to none – no matter how or why you fly with Mjet.

Opening up the benefits of Private Jet Charters to more business travelers. Pay by seat on pre-selected, or your own choice of flights between Australian cities. Access our VIP lounges – not terminals and avoid long lines, delays and cancellations, yet all on a budget.

Receive all the benefits of chartering your own plane including cutting your total travel time.

Fly private jets cheaper with enough bookings received, or book the entire aircraft to make sure flight goes ahead and sell seats for your preferred day if so desired.

Still not sure or want to make a booking? Contact us at any time and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to help.

Shared Flight planning process for new flights

We’re pleased to now offer in Australia, a Shared Flight Program, via our On-Demand services. Simple as it sounds – an individual/company can book one of our jets and offer any empty seats available for others to join in. By doing so, you will then share the cost of the flight. Making flying on a private jet more affordable for those that want all the speed, service and time saving benefits of flying with Mjet, but not quite in their budget to do so on their own.

Example scenario: Person A books a day return Melb-Syd on an 8-seater and opens it up on the Shared Flight Program. Person B comes along and joins that trip with their business partner – Person C. Therefor the flight is now costing a third each.

If every seat is filled, the total cost to you can be similar to airline peak hour business class tickets!

Please note: No cancellation fees will be incurred if booking is cancelled by Person A greater than 7 days before flight. Less than 7 days – cancellation fees will be incurred by the person that cancels. All monies will be refunded if a paid booking is cancelled more than 7 days before your flight.

Please follow this website, as well as our social media pages to see if any Shared Flights are available, or please contact us to open a Shared Flight for you and others to join.

We look forward to you all experiencing the multiple ways to fly private jets with Mjet and making the flight, the best of your trip.