Mjet On-Demand


Mjet’s On-demand Charter Service is for the discerning traveler whom occasionally flies. Your flying habits aren’t as regular as an individual or company that require our personalized Mjet Program Flight Solutions.

Yet, you still want all the benefits of flying private and you want all the benefits that come with Mjet. Our staff will always attend to your flight requirements whether its once a year or a handful of times. Better yet, we will always aim that you fly in one of our branded fleet of aircraft, so you can still experience our leading and superior service. If we can’t due to the aircraft already being booked by our program members, we’ll endeavor to find you the next best thing, of a suitable aircraft that meets our high standards of service and safety via our fantastic operating partners.

Just because you don’t fly as often as our members, doesn’t mean we don’t care about you. We appreciate anyone that fly’s private and chooses Mjet as their preferred flight provider. We’ve worked hard to build that reputation and you know why that is every time you come on-board and fly with us.

We have access to a variety of aircraft to choose from to best suit your requirements. Which, we will help you decide if you don’t already know.

Mjet On-Demand flights to suit your business and/or leisure requirements – wherever and whenever you need to fly.

Mjet’s Shared Flight Program

We’re pleased to now offer in Australia, a Shared Flight Program, via our On-Demand services. Simple as it sounds – an individual/company can book one of our jets and offer any empty seats available for others to join in. By doing so, you will then share the cost of the flight. Making flying on a private jet more affordable for those that want all the speed, service and time saving benefits of flying with Mjet, but not quite in their budget to do so on their own.

Example scenario: Person A books a day return Melb-Syd on an 8-seater and opens it up on the Shared Flight Program. Person B comes along and joins that trip with their business partner – Person C. Therefor the flight is now costing a third each.

If a total of 8 people book, it will be similar cost as business class per person!

Please note: No cancellation fees will be incurred if booking is cancelled by Person A greater than 7 days before flight. Less than 7 days – cancellation fees will be incurred by the person that cancels. All monies will be refunded if a paid booking is cancelled more than 7 days before your flight.

Please follow this website, as well as our social media pages to see if any Shared Flights are available, or please contact us to open a Shared Flight for you and others to join.

We look forward to you all experiencing what private jets is really all about and making the flight the best of your trip.