Mjet Program


Australia’s most elite private jet service and only service of it’s kind.

For the frequent flyer – a branded fleet tailored for you.

Guaranteed access servicing your most demanding needs.


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On Demand


For the occasional flyer that still wants a superior service.

Quality flight choices on request when you need it.

Business or Private – whenever and however.






Why charter an aircraft?


Dynamic: Want complete freedom and privacy while travelling on-board your next Mjet aircraft? Yes you can! With full business features available on-board, you will enjoy a business environment which is second to your personal office! Get more work completed, schedule a Skype meeting with your employees, or simply recline into your luxurious space for a REM sleep as our reliable pilots ensure you get to your destination as smoothly as possible.

Efficient: What do queues, early check-ins, boarding passes and luggage have in common? They will be a thing of the past! Fret not about lengthy delays you get with late passengers or baggage. Fill the aircraft up and witness the value gained from time saved. You wouldn’t encounter these benefits and efficiency with commercial airliners. Even the accountants will concur!

Flexible: Mjet gives you the complete flexibility to choose your flying schedule, with minimal interruptions. Our round-the-clock service means we are ready whenever you are, and wherever you want to go, any time of the day. We will work around you, and not the other way.

No hassle: You can essentially take to the skies within 24 hours of your intended travel time. With our dedicated and luxurious seating arrangements, you will not have to worry about having passengers in front, beside or behind you kicking your back, knocking your elbows or looking at your work screen. With so much privacy, we know your productivity will peak while travelling in style.

Resourceful: From CEOs, Directors to Managers, you’re welcome any time to fly with Mjet. Need to get a piece of mining equipment or commercial product there fast? We can be your alternative to express freight! There are so many options available under the corporate charter, and we understand the importance of time savings translating to more money saved. No more delays, queues or transiting for days. Get it done in hours. You’re on the go all the time and we can make life faster.

Time: Whether it’s one or multiple destinations in a day, cap the day by arriving home sooner and spend it on things that matter the most to you. We value your relationships, just like how we value ours. Time waits for no one, and we are here to give you back this precious resource.

Mjet is here to help you succeed.