Maximum Range       Cruise Speed             Maximum Passengers          Flight Attendant

                               6,845 km                      850 km/h                   10                                               Yes


An elegant intercontinental aircraft renowned for its comfortable wide body cabin. In fact, the widest in its class. The Challenger 604 is an athletic, long-distance performer that takes intercontinental leaps in easy stride, so you can act effectively globally. But the Challenger 604 is also a solid transcontinental workhorse with the stamina, power and agility to handle short-range missions.

Fitted with many creature comforts, providing the perfect work environment with a very effective Passive Noise Insulation System that allows for comfortable in flight conversation.

Able to fly non-stop to New Zealand, most south east Asian nations and virtually all of the South Pacific. Or to most locations around Australia in wide body comfort.


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