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Private Jet Charter – Premium Flight Service provider available Australia wide.

The most exceptional flight service on offer than any other – by far.

It’s not just flying – It’s a whole lifestyle.


Your Premium Flight Choices

Your Way - The High Way



For the occasional flyer that still wants a superior service.

Quality flight choices on request when you need it.

Business or Private – whenever and however.


 Mjet Program


Australia’s most elite private jet service and only one of its kind.

For the frequent flyer – a tailored service specifically for you.

Guaranteed access servicing your most demanding needs.


Our passengers deserve it - Our colleagues expect it - Our profession demands it

Discounted Flight Options

Mdeals for private jets

 Shared Flights


Share the plane and divide the cost.

Open your flights empty seats to others.

Pay by the seat – Yet, still Private & Exclusive.


 Empty Legs


Discounted one way flights.

Fly 25-75% off the normal price.

Experience Private jets on a budget.


Empty Leg:

Gold Coast to Sydney Intl

Falcon 900C (13 seats)

15th SEP, ETD 9:00AM

$7,150 + GST.

Empty Leg:

Perth to Gold Coast

Falcon 900C (13 seats)

18th SEPT, ETD 8:00AM

$19,250 + GST.

Empty Leg:

Gold Coast to Hamilton Island

Falcon 900C (13 seats)

27th DEC, ETD 7:00AM

$8,000 + GST.

Empty Leg:

Gold Coast to Cairns

Falcon 900C (13 seats)

6th JAN, ETD 7:45AM

$9,000 + GST.

Empty Leg:

Kaveing (PNG) to Cairns

Falcon 900C (13 seats)

6th JAN, ETD 2:15PM

$7,000 nil GST.

Empty Leg:

Cairns to Gurney (PNG)

Falcon 900C (13 seats)

20th JAN, ETD 9:30AM

$6,000 nil GST.

Empty Leg:

Sydney to Gold Coast

Falcon 900C (13 seats)

24th JAN, ETD 5:45PM

$7,000 + GST.

Shared Flight:

There are currently

no Shared Flights

at this time


A service that’s second to none

The friendly skies at last

We believe you should always arrive first.

Experience the best in class.

Private jets really are the most effective business tool and it’s as simple as that.

Fastest. Furthest. Highest. Smartest. Mjet.


Also Available:

Moorabbin Airport Private Jet Charters.

The only dedicated Corporate Jet provider for South East Melbourne.

Always closer to your home or office.

More time for you to do what’s most important.


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